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Your Compass


Your Compass logo A simple compass application to help you find your north. :) Please keep in mind that the accuracy of this application depends solely on the accuracy of your phones sensor. To improve accuracy, please move your phone in the air by the shape of the figure 8 a couple of times....

Distributive size: 316k
Required android version: 1.6 and up


Aedict logo An english-japanese dictionary which uses Jim Breens EDICT data. Does not require japanese keyboard. Internet access is used only to download the dictionary - the application itself works offline. Features: radical search, kanjipad, kanji analysis, SKIP search, optionally shows romaji instead of hir...

Distributive size: 848k
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Atlas 2011 FREE


Atlas 2011 FREE logo *** NEW RELEASE *** View quality World Maps conveniently and easily on your Android Device! Features Up-To-Date World Maps! Did you know? ------------- South Sudan became the worlds 195th country following separation from Sudan on 9 July 2011 Carry your pocket Atlas wherever you go...

Distributive size: 6.6M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Best Istanbul Travel Apps


Best Istanbul Travel Apps logo Ready to plan your trip to Istanbul? Dont forget to pack these essential Istanbul travel apps, assembled in one easy-to-navigate collection. These apps have been selected to help you get the most out of your trip to Istanbul. This collection is packed with great Istanbul apps, including public tr...

Distributive size: 2.3M
Required android version: 2.2 and up
Snow and Ski Report by REI


Snow and Ski Report by REI logo Get the Snow & Ski Report by REI app for tracking your favorite snow spots. The Snow & Ski Report by REI will help you figure out the best place to spend your time up at the mountain. Share conditions via the social net. Reference resort trail maps, view resort cams and stay in touch with particip...

Distributive size: 3.6M
Required android version: 1.6 and up
Boxing Wallpapers , ?? ?????


Boxing Wallpapers , ?? ????? logo Search and boxing, set as wallpaper Japanese ??????????????????...

Distributive size: 59k
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Offline Map Helsinki, Finland


Offline Map Helsinki, Finland logo Offline map of Helsinki with attraction and street search. Always with you, no further downloads required as all map data for Helsinki, Finland, is packed with the app. Works entirely without internet connection. Pan, zoom in/out, search: all 100% offline. Enlargeable fonts for better readability....

Distributive size: 5.2M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Air Asia


Air Asia logo Download our AirAsia Mobile Application with full access to Wikipedia (English). If you would like to have an extremely light Android Application which is just 1MB in size and gives you full access to AirAsias booking engine including the following sections: 1) Book a Flight 2) Mobile Check-i...

Distributive size: 1.3M
Required android version: 1.6 - 3.0
Онлайн табло аэропортов СНГ


Онлайн табло аэропортов СНГ logo Онлайн табло аэропортов СНГ. Минимум трафика Онлайн Табло аэропортов России, Украины. Актуальная информация по факту и расписанию. Аэропорты: Шереметьево, Домодедово, Внуково, Пулково, Кольцово(Екатеринбург) , Алматы, Толмачево(Новосибирск), Киев. Скоро: Минск, Сургут Минимум трафика - 4кб...

Distributive size: 46k
Required android version: 1.5 and up
XE Currency


XE Currency logo Currency converter with charts, plus live rates that are stored for offline use! Convert every world currency on-the-go with the XE Currency App for Android. It features a currency converter with up-to-the-minute currency rates, charts, and even stores the last updated rates, so it works offline....

Distributive size: 1.0M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Arcade & Action
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