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Craigs Race


Craigs Race logo
Software name: Craigs Race
Version: 3.0.7
Author: Craigs Games
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 543k
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Rating: 3.5 (4,335 votes)


Craigs Race #1 Craigs Race #2


Race against other Android phone users. Go for the win!

Car racing game. Race against other Android phone users. Asphalt, dirt, and snow tracks. Multiple routes. Online high scores and replay ghost cars.

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Reviews of Craigs Race

Is this a joke?? This game is probably the biggest enemy of my accelerometer. Device-Samsung Nexus S

Am i bein Punked? this is a joke right?

Couldnt play without spinning in circles at start. Does not does not support up,dwn,L,R controls with my Experia Play. Poor execution for me. ;(

Useless. If it were the last toilet paper on earth I would pay no mind to it. If you bought the payed version you deserve what you get.

Only reason i uninstalled is cuz i got pro get this app its worth it

I hate it because it just shuts my hole phone down plus it is so slow

my stepdaughter was temporarily distracted by this game for only 10 minutes while she crashed into invisible trees that only pop up if u hit them. No.

Average sorry I think it for a 4 year old too easy. New race tracks would be nice I guess. Very easy to cheat on BTW.

Its hard but gets easier needs more to make it better, I only can use tilt because of full touchscreen with no keyboard. DroidX.

Tried it out and disliked it. Im gonna go back to play head to head racing

please fix sound, when sound gets turned on it wont shut off even if I exit game, have to uninstall, Droid Eris

Reminds me of those old Atari games where the graphics and controls suck, and as you advance it becomes impossible to win

They should have places on screen controls for touch screen only devices like the HTC evo.

Controls are terrible! You can either take a sharp left or a sharp right, no such thing as going straight!

Horrible app. Not very fun and hard to nvigate. Sometimes gets frozen too. Sony Ericsson 10. Uninstall

Not very fun and drained 88% of my battery in 5 hrs running in background!

Brilliant controls. Fun to try to get to top of list. U gotta try it.

I got into the top 100 in the first 10 mins, it cant be that hard. My advice/set/your/own/controls/ :o

Very challenging game. Not fun until you get used to the controls. I recommend turning off auto accelerate to make it more fun. Worth downloading!

This game sucks beyond belief.terrible graphics, impossible controls, you cant even get it to stay straight on droid x. Pathetic. get pocket racing

great racing game! Actual races insted of text boxes! Takes a great bit of skill, but you can get used to the controls. 5/5

5 star just for the Ring. If you cant win in this game than you suck, cause you are racing agains other humans ( with almost same rating).

Just b/c u suck, doesnt mean u have to give a bad rating. It has good controls and no lag. Great game! Ps to the haters: learn to drive kids.

Bad controls bad instructions not addictave at all!!!! Craig mitchell fix it. Warning do not buy bad. Dont buy anything from craig mitchell

Ignore silly kids who think only bling graphics make a good game. This has great gameplay - if you have the skill to master it!

Tricky steering with the track moving 360 degrees, but quite fun. Graphics could be better though.

Fun. I dont think its actually live racing. Pre record races played as you race? Still fun tho

Simple graphics, but pretty fun. Accelerometer controls are the way to go with this game.

Uninstalled bcuz my screen kept turing white every time I started a race - motorola i1

Garbage. No sound effects. Auto gas and brake with no control options. Developer is lame.
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