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Crazy Soda


Crazy Soda logo
Software name: Crazy Soda
Version: 2.0.2
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 938k
Required android version: 1.6 and up
Rating: 3.5 (4,340 votes)


Crazy Soda #1 Crazy Soda #2


Shake your phone to reach the explosion.

Its a simple but crazy game. Give your daily life a little exercise and much more fun!

Rock it! Here we go!

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Reviews of Crazy Soda

Its the worst game ever

Its. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

Fun fun fun fun fun fun

Doesnt do anything!

My phone wouldnt stop vibrating so I had to power it down while I was updating all or my apps

Doesnt do anything

But hurts my arm,but awesome

This is by far most the stupidest and most pointless app I have ever downloaded

My 9 yo will love it

Best game ever

So funny to watch your friends(girls are fun to watch) shake the can!!!!!!!!!!

Worst game ever dont even download it


Dont bother to download, its killing your battery and you might end up hurting your self or brwaking your phone

This is crazy... I am hurting my self

Im gud

Worst game its SUPER BORING!!!!!

Am confuse do u actually shake ur fone?

Nuff said

It could make a great vibrator lol

It is a good laugh. Not really a game. Its good for a one time use and then after that it just takes up space. Uninstalling

The game is fun and provided a good laugh

Im not sure why but it is a very fun way to waste your time! Lol

So gay lol. Although I did have a record for 7.791 lol not worth installing

Really addictive and fun cool I got beat by my niece shes four sad Iknow so yea all u ppl that made it less then five are wrong but its a opinon

I was not very pleased at all and Ikinda expected more outa the sode and it wasnt worth shaking or even,buying for that matter. I would suggest this

Really really stupid. U shake the phone...then after a number of seconds it " explodes" it just shakes the phone..poor

Silly little game that can make dull moneys fun. I dot use it alot but it was worth download

Eeee... Huh... this sucks! ... I mean you wrote this app with nice graphics, but whats the purpose of it?

Do not download dis game seriously i cant belive i wasted my time downloadin it!
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