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GPS Walk and Run Tracker


GPS Walk and Run Tracker logo Walking or jogging? Start this app at the beginning of your trip, send it to the background with the home button, and bring it back when you are done to end your trip and see some useful information: * trip timing * trip distance * average speed * max speed Very small, very helpful....

Distributive size: 111k
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Offline Map Helsinki, Finland


Offline Map Helsinki, Finland logo Offline map of Helsinki with attraction and street search. Always with you, no further downloads required as all map data for Helsinki, Finland, is packed with the app. Works entirely without internet connection. Pan, zoom in/out, search: all 100% offline. Enlargeable fonts for better readability....

Distributive size: 5.2M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
xWeather Complete


xWeather Complete logo "xWeather Forecast" is a highly interactive xoom app. "xWeather Forecast" is a highly interactive xoom app, concluded after months of weather usability analysis. Few of the prominent features are: High-end professional design. Excellent use of screen. Search. History. Bookm...

Distributive size: 3.9M
Required android version: 3.0 and up


AyurvedaBook logo This application enlist some of the rare listed Ayurveda Herbals, The application show the description with image and also provide their side effects. Ayurveda Book contain more than 50 different herbals details. Download the application and know more about Ayurveda herbals remedies....

Distributive size: 1.7M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
audio book - diabetes


audio book - diabetes logo All the information YOU need to manage YOUR diabetes. There are not many people who know what diabetes is, although there is a huge amount of people who lives with diabetes! With this audio book you will learn all about diabetes, from different types, symptoms, to how to take care of it! Require...

Distributive size: 136k
Required android version: 1.5 and up
shift calendar


shift calendar logo A calendar with all your work shifts. Works with any number of shifts and every shift pattern. Just enter the shift sequence and a start date. The app generates a calendar showing the work shifts for each day of the year. You can edit single days to change shifts or mark them as holidays. The...

Distributive size: 570k
Required android version: 2.1 and up
C++ Reference


C++ Reference logo Reference for C++ coders. Please Comment bellow if you want anything added:) Check out The Flying Apps other Apps! -UNT mini GPS -Math Ref (without Adds) -C++ Reference -C++ Reference (without Adds)...

Distributive size: 168k
Required android version: 2.0.1 and up
Air Asia


Air Asia logo Download our AirAsia Mobile Application with full access to Wikipedia (English). If you would like to have an extremely light Android Application which is just 1MB in size and gives you full access to AirAsias booking engine including the following sections: 1) Book a Flight 2) Mobile Check-i...

Distributive size: 1.3M
Required android version: 1.6 - 3.0


Craps logo Did you ever want to learn to play Craps? Learning android Craps is quite simple Carps using the built-in accelerometer. Craps is a game of rounds, The first round is called the come out roll. If the dice total on the come out roll is 2,3,7,11,or 12 the roll immediately ends the round....

Distributive size: 820k
Required android version: 1.6 and up
TamaWidget Cow *AdSupported*


TamaWidget Cow *AdSupported* logo TamaWidget - The virtual pet for your mobile phone! !IMPORTANT: This application is a widget, you can install it as follows: "long click on empty desktop" -> widget -> TamaWidget! Give your pet a name and watch it from now on on his perpetual life. It calls you like a real pet from the tim...

Distributive size: 711k
Required android version: 1.6 and up
Arcade & Action
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