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Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP


Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP logo
Software name: Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP
Version: 1.07
Author: Vectors and Pixels Indiegames
Free (not paid): No
Distributive size: 846k
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Rating: 4.6 (91 votes)


Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #1 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #2 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #3 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #4 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #5 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #6 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #7 Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP #8


Contains new Phase Beam clone style known from the Ice Cream Sandwich presentation!

This Livewallpaper brings Ice Cream Sandwich feeling to your phone. It is inspired by the new Nexus wallpaper of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It provides a beautiful moving background out of dust,stripes and particles which are touchable. This Live Wallpaper runs like a charm on all tested devices due to its RAM efficiency.

You can choose between 6 different themes and you can toggle the image noise effect, the 3D scrolling effect, the touch effects and the fade in effect. Additionally you can change the colors of the wallpaper.

Tags: live wallpaper, Ice Cream Sandwich, ics, lwp, Aurora

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. Error on loading phase beam fixed

Reviews of Ice Cream Sandwich Live WP

5 stars, but will TrueColor be back? It worked fine for my device and looked amazing. Maybe a setting to switch on?

Sometimes I get a white background like 2 out of 10 times (epic touch 4G gs2)

Beautiful and legit livewallpaper!!

Love the phase beam

Force closes after latest update...desire hd 2.3.3

Love the wallpaper. Very responsive dev. looks amazing with super amuled voodoo hardware color tweek. Nexus S

Fantastic app Colorize phasebeam shows only blocks and lines now. Great dev just wish I could get a working version.

Its the whole package for ICS wallpapers...worth the money. Can customize colors too

Had an issue earlier today but this developer is amazing responds immediately! you wont be disappointed at all! Best LWP and support EVER! :D

Very cool. Best out there.

Excellent live wallpaper, love the new phase setting. It did not work properly after update, but a reinstall fixed that! HTC Inspire

this app not only because its cool but because of the idiots asking where the sound is.. he didnt mean noise as in sound but noise as in grain

is a legit live wallpaper. Its beautiful and smooth unlike most other lwps on the market

Nice LWP, runs smooth, lots of options to customize.

Last update has degrated the performance

Moneys worth

This works perfectly on my Motorola Droid 3. Smooth and sleek, keep up the good work.

Great visuals, however, absolutely non-smooth performance. Comeon man, you can fix this up. Tested on both a Fascinate and Asus Transformer.

Cool Very nice and smooth, no lag at all! Very polished. The dev is also very cool, and listened when I emailed him an idea and a bug! ~Nexus S

looks good and runs great! only issue is there seems to be about a half inch black spot at thr bottom. it cuts off. pls fix!!

love this wallpaper works ace on galaxy s!!!!

Looking live wallpaper goes perfect with my Ics launcher and Ics cm7 blue theme and Ics boot animation. Pity my android base is till gingerbread.

it looks great and so far no bugs :-)

star bcuz it has an annoying bug that it keeps disaappearing so far it looks solved already. tnx. now deserves 5 star

Many settings! I adjusted "Color 3" to be less indigo and more blue. Wish the touch effects were more obvious.

I dont buy anything really, stick with free apps, but this was too nice to pass up! Looks great, for the most part runs fine, occasionally on my Samsung Epic Touch 4G, the wallpaper will turn into a black screen, and I need to load a regular wallpaper then reload the live wallpaper to fix it. :/ Other than that, its great. Hopefully developer can fix!

I recommend not buying the live wallpaper if you planning having it on multiple devices. Purchased the other ics live wallpaper in market.

Very smooth live wallpaper .. It does add additional strain to your battery, however, nowhere near as bad as most other LWPs -- SGS II (AT&T)

Runs beautifully, Infuse 4G, Infused 2.2.3

I dont hear nothing......battery hog! Looks nice though.
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