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Snowfall Live Wallpaper


Snowfall Live Wallpaper logo
Software name: Snowfall Live Wallpaper
Version: 2.05
Author: Kittehface Software
Free (not paid): No
Distributive size: 2.5M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Rating: 4.6 (4,887 votes)


Snowfall Live Wallpaper #1 Snowfall Live Wallpaper #2 Snowfall Live Wallpaper #3 Snowfall Live Wallpaper #4


Snowfall Live Wallpaper: Wintertime on your home screen!

Snowfall is a beautiful live wallpaper featuring gentle snowflakes falling overtop swaying pine trees. Not a movie, with full support for landscape mode and home screen switching on any sized screen!

This full version has tons of settings for colors, Christmas lights, time of day tracking, camera speeds, Santa sightings, snow appearance, and more!

PERMISSIONS: Coarse location is to allow calculation of accurate sunrise/sunset times!

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. v2.05:
  2. Updated aurora effect!
  3. v2.01:
  4. Fixed issue with Galaxy S2 when rendering time of day
  5. Fixed super fast day checkbox
  6. v2.0:
  7. Now using OpenGL 2.0
  8. Better performance on tablets
  9. Improved stability
  10. Sharper tree artwork
  11. Checkbox for santa appearance frequency

Reviews of Snowfall Live Wallpaper

If I could give this app less than a 1, I would. I have a Samsung Fascinate. The wallpaper is beautiful, but once I installed it, after using it a couple of times, the app put my phone into a continuous Force Close loop! I couldnt use my phone at all! I had to call Verizon and they helped me to reformat my phone. I lost my call log and all my messages - Thank God I had everything else backed up. I spent 2 days reinstalling apps, and getting my phone back to the way it was. What a mess!

Love that I can pick a specific time, or just go by time of day. A well made live wallpaper.

Very nice wallpaper...really cool custom settings and the trees and snow look real

lwp, its simply perfect.

I will be using this 1 even after Christmas its so beautiful!! Love it

Love this wallpaper !!! This wallpaper truly puts me in the holiday spirit. Excellent job.

The pay version has so many options. And its only $1. Looks beautiful and runs without a hitch.

Love this! Yet to see how it affects my battery tho. So many options that you dont have to use it just at Xmas time. Well worth the money!

Love the way it looks

Super Ok.

Wont work.Wish it did cause I love the snow!

A beautiful wallpaper! I loved the free so much I paid for the app to get more from it. Not disappointed! Love the time of day changes and snowfall

Very nice LWP, one of my favorites. thanks for fixing the aurora effect.

I love winter... this is my wallpaper all year round. I never get tired of it. Works great, I never have any problems with it.

Needs a daylight savings option when its set on time of day its still showing its lite out in background when its dark out

This wallpaper is so good I would pay $5 for it!! All the customizable settings are awesome, not just for Christmas! Get it!

Just want to say that this wallpaper is quite nice for a winter theme. Plenty of settings to customize, as well.

Great wallpaper After update it works on my sgs2. Best Christmas wallpaper out there.

Finally! A great looking live wallpaper that works great on tablet and phones and doesnt effect performance or battery life.

It is definitely well worth the money and then some!

Tons of settings...

Absolutely beautiful! -lg optimus c

Best live wallpaper out there. However, not liking the grid-like titchy moving effect of the borealis from the latest update.

I love seeing the falling snowflakes!

it looks really cool, love it.

Love it!



Both of the last updates freeze my phone while trying to open app. Please fix. Samsung Galaxy 2.1

Made my Samsung Captivate go to black screen the last couple of times I tried it; had to remove battery to recover. Didnt do this last Winter.
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