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Bubble Blast Messenger


Bubble Blast Messenger logo Messenger arrived on Bubble Blast ! Discover the new exclusive version of Bubble Blast 2... Bubble Blast Messenger ! Messenger "buddies" invaded the famous puzzle game. Burst "buddies" in this new edition with 500 free levels. This version also have two games modes: "Puzzle" and "Arcades". T...

Distributive size: 5.5M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
The Plateau


The Plateau logo The most beautiful puzzle game for your Android. The Plateau is a weaving game where each puzzle is a system of nodes connected by threads that must be untangled. You slide the spherical nodes around the screen, trying to position them so that no two threads cross paths. The game is updated for v1...

Distributive size: 8.1M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Bubble Blast Easter


Bubble Blast Easter logo Trigger an Easter Egg Chain Reaction. Lets celebrate Easter with a brand new version of the Bubble Blast Series. Easter will be celebrated April 24th this year ! Bubble Blast Easter is a puzzle game in which you burst a multi-color egg or a bunny 2 game modes are available - Puzzle mode...

Distributive size: 4.6M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles Pro


Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles Pro logo Tons of new features in Christmas Jigsaw puzzles version 2.3! Download jigsaw Puzzle Christmas Pro today for the best, most feature rich and intuitive jigsaw puzzle experience on Android. - Interesting jigsaw puzzles with wonderful images on the Christmas. All in one application! - High quali...

Distributive size: 14M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Neon Zone


Neon Zone logo Enter the Neon Zone - a game where simple shapes become challenging puzzles. Neon Zone is a physics-based brain teaser in which walls become floors as you turn your phone. The objective is simple: Slide the block to absorb all energy spheres in order to advance to the next level. Move the block by...

Distributive size: 10M
Required android version: 2.2 and up
N in a Row


N in a Row logo Several popular games in one: Tic-tac-toe, Gomoku, 5-in-a-row, etc. Players take turns marking the spaces in a grid. The player who succeeds in placing N respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row gets a point. What is so different about this particular app? This app is fully c...

Distributive size: 372k
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Princess Punt THD


Princess Punt THD logo "Princess Punt THD," a new genre of game called "Action Puzzle type RPG," debut! *Let the Princess kick “soliders” up high!* "Princess Punt THD," a new genre of game called "Action Puzzle type RPG," debut! This game is stage-based format released for smartphone and tablet play, which combines...

Distributive size: 15M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
GeoStar Lite


GeoStar Lite logo Improve your knowledge on our World with these Geographic Quiz ! *If you like it, you can buy the full version* GeoStar is a Quiz game that allows you to improve, in the fun way, your knowledge on flags,countries and capitals of our World ! Put GeoStar Widget on your HomeScreen to learn 4 coun...

Distributive size: 2.7M
Required android version: 1.1 and up
Impossible Quest (beta)


Impossible Quest (beta) logo 24 levels of brain-teasing gameplay! Help the ever smiling dude made of dough find his way home by solving a puzzle on each level. Dont be fooled by the cute animals in this forest - they will eat you alive if you let them. - Move stones to block or free paths - Collect dough and shoot to par...

Distributive size: 4.3M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Random Mahjong


Random Mahjong logo A truly unique and stunning twist on the classic Solitaire Mahjong board game. Just when you thought Mahjong had been covered, along comes a stylish new Solitaire Mahjong game ready to take centre stage. The game looks incredible on a Tablet, but still manages to look and play great on a Phone....

Distributive size: 4.9M
Required android version: 1.6 and up
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