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Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom


Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom logo
Software name: Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom
Version: 1.1.0
Author: HandyGames
Free (not paid): No
Distributive size: 18M
Required android version: 1.6 and up
Rating: 4.6 (774 votes)


Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #1 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #2 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #3 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #4 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #5 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #6 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #7 Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom #8


Smart pigs from hell!

The pig world is in danger! Follow the four heroes of ham through the fires of hell and use brains, brawn and bacon to stop the Aporkalypse!

AD-FREE Version (No ads!)

We have a pig problem! According to an old prophecy the four Pigs of Doom should proclaim the end of the world in a distant future. But something went terribly wrong and the gates of heaven and hell have already opened! Now it is up to the greedy Hunger Pig, the heavily armed War Pig, the contaminous Pest Pig and the ghostly Death Pig to stop this madness. Lead the pigs through a collapsing world full of puzzles and dangers! Combine their supernatural powers and find unforseen riches. Dont cast pearls before swine but collect coins for your piggy bank! Send angels and demons back to where they belong. Nobody can escape the wrath of the pigs!

- Crazy aporkalyptic action adventure
- 4 characters with unique powers
- Innovative puzzles with multiple pigs
- 60 challenging levels
- Collect coins for your piggy bank
- Funny comic world

* Xperia PLAY optimized *

Supports App 2 SD

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. An adventurous journey through Heaven and Hell
  2. 30 brand new levels
  3. Fire-spitting gargoyles and deadly plague blocks
  4. Holy life runes and wobbly tofu blocks
  5. Epic boss battles
  6. Added in app purchases
  7. New “More Games” system
  8. Minor bug fixes
  9. Added Twitter button
  10. Uses Google analytics
  11. 1.07:
  12. Fixed Play controls not recognized on new firmware
  13. Fixed d-pad options not saved
  14. Fixed a multitask problem on some devices
  15. Fixed cut off icons on some devices

Reviews of Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom

I got the free copy and it was so fun that I bought the game. This is the first game that I have enjoyed enough to pay money for.

Love this game lots of fun and a good brain workout

Like the game addictive

This simple little game really makes you think. I cant find anything wrong with it.

Puzzle game, hours of fun

Payed for all levels still havent got em

Great game

Very nice game- fun and challenging. Try to collect 10 coins on each level.

This game made my xperia play worth it. A very very clever puzzle game.

I love this game. Always makes you think.

Awesome puzzle game, only drawback is the lack of more levels... Include a editor to get fan-levels maybe? HTC Desire

Epic name, pretty fun little game. Works great on Nexus S - Android 2.3.6

The puzzles are lottsa fun, makes me scratch my head at times and thats a good thing.

I really like this game. Reminds me of Chips Challenge. Looking forward to more levels.

I love this game..its addicting..cant wait to get to the other characters..HTC EVO

Awesome game! The puzzles are really fun! And, such a great way to kill time!

Lost all my progress after an update, not thrilled with starting over.

Just the right amount of challenge & length for a great phone time killer game! Love it!

Very creative and loads of fun. Reminiscent of The Lost Vikings. Must play. Worth paying for. Not difficult at all, but you do have to think at times.

Theres no difference between this and the free version. Couldve saved my money. Anyways this is such a fun game(: they shouldve made more levels.

Although a little strange, this game is actually a lot of fun... Great to see Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone")-optimized controls.

Great mix of adventure and puzzle. A great buy!


I installed this based on the review saying it is like the Lost Vikings which is one of my favorite games from the 90s. I am happy about the purchase because the paid version runs smoother than the free version because of no ads. Each pig has special abilities needed to finish each puzzle stage. Be aware the free versions save game does not transfer to the paid game. Would like to touch and drag way points for the pigs. Using a Galaxy S Captivate with Serendipity ROM

Great little puzzle game. Nicely done cutesy graphics. Dpad actually works fairly well.

The game is a fun game for me. It was kinda suckish that the controls are really bukly and it starts off slow as a cruude in the toilet..... but ok

Fun! Xperia Play support is great but I hate having to turn the dpad off in the options every time I open the app. Please fix!

Cheap fun addictive game. I wish the puzzles were harder and more levels but overall for the price a great game.

The game is extremely well made. The art is cute and amusing and the puzzles are often lateral, and not just tedious "untangling" puzzles.

A very fun game that has about the right amount of puzzle-tude to be entertaining but not annoying.
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