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TileStorm Lite (3D)


TileStorm Lite (3D) logo
Software name: TileStorm Lite (3D)
Version: 1.5.0
Author: Jakyl
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 12M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Rating: 3.8 (268 votes)


TileStorm Lite (3D) #1 TileStorm Lite (3D) #2 TileStorm Lite (3D) #3 TileStorm Lite (3D) #4 TileStorm Lite (3D) #5 TileStorm Lite (3D) #6 TileStorm Lite (3D) #7 TileStorm Lite (3D) #8


A beautiful 3D twist on tile sliding puzzles. Guaranteed to challenge & delight!

TileStorm is here for Android so you can find out for yourself why this game was a hit on iPhone and has been compared to Angry Birds for its huge amount addictive and challenging gameplay.

** Please note not all pieces can be moved, or may be constrained by other pieces. That is part of the puzzle and is by design. Look for the visual cues to indicate whether a given piece is movable or it will only move along with other pieces. **

This Lite version gives you the chance to get a feel for the 100 unique puzzles and 10s of hours of gameplay that await you in the full version to tax your mental agility and lateral thinking. More fun than brain training with guaranteed satisfaction as you travel across four environments beautifully detailed in full 3D.

The aim of TileStorm is to solve a series of puzzles enabling Eggbot the robot to make his way through each respective level to the exit. The first puzzles are very similar in appearance and strategy to traditional sliding puzzle games, but later in TileStorm players will encounter tiles with completely different properties, maps with multiple solutions, and levels requiring the re-use of certain tiles. Not all tiles can be moved and some can only be moved in certain directions - look for the visual clues to help you solve the puzzle. As you play through TileStorm you will find that TileStorm is much more than just a sliding tile game and strategies required in many other games will be needed to complete this game. TileStorm is guaranteed to present a challenge to anyone that plays it and it will require real skill and mental dexterity to complete.

Please email us with questions or feedback.

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Small Print: VAT added within EU. May require license from Google & collect anonymous stats. If u get error "Unknown reason -18", please email or google for solution. Dev tested devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson incl Xperia Play, Droid, Galaxy & Desire Z.

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. Support for Honeycomb and Tablets
  2. Optimisations for Tegra 2 devices
  3. Add support for Android Backup service
  4. Performance optimisations
  5. Other miscellaneous improvements
  6. Enjoy!

Reviews of TileStorm Lite (3D)

Meh. Its ok,but game glitches on 3rd level. Tiles wont move. Uninstall. Htc evo 4g

Lots of challenging fun. HTC Sensation 4G


Tiles wont move get stuck for no reason.

My 4 yr old solved the five levels in 23 minutes. Not that interesting.

Good idea, poor execution.Tiles get stuck,theres no way to move them or way of finding out why.Is it part of the game,or is screen unresponsive?D2Glo

The game loads upside down and will not let you fix it. Xoom

Beautifully made game. Its really hard to figure out. Tiles get stuck! Wish it would work right I love it! Samsung Galaxy S

Good little game but the controls didnt really work for me as it wouldnt always select and move the tiles. Otherwise quite fun

Great game. Love the graphics and the puzzles. One of the few apps that actually looks good on a 10" screen. But the game will only run upside down. Every time I turn the tablet right-side-up it flips upside down again. At best I have to turn the tablet sideways to play. Acer Iconia Tab A500.

I will not be buying the full version. Its temperamental to control and use. HTC DESIRE

Would be 5 stars but cannot exit demo unless force close. Need an exit app button. Otherwise is great - Motorola bravo.

Nice little game demo. Good graphics - ran well on droid x. But really short.

Works amazingly on my Galaxy S!

Great game, was going to buy full version, but only a 15 minute return window. Also ?3, not ?2.50 due to VAT

Great little game, first 3 lvls were pretty easy but the last one took me almost 10 Definitely give this one a try. EVO 2.2

To demanding for an older phone. Too bad there isnt a way to reduce graphic detail

Cool idea but controls dont always respond so you cant always solve a level. If it werent for that it would rock. Droid X.

HTC Desire 2.2. Great game concept, however frustrating for the wrong reasons. Touch interface randomly responsive, game sometimes locks completey.

Has sound Android display glitches after the second level on mid x5a making it unplayable

Dont usually like tile sliding games but graphics and themes make tgus more interesting

Slide puzzles are the bane of my existance. I hate them. This game was still sort of fun for me though. Make the back button work!

Interesting game concept. The free demo has 4 puzzles, maybe 5 minutes total. Worth trying.

Fun but not worth the problems it caused my phone. Asking the company for my $$$ back!!!

Looks beautiful on milestone.think ill get the full game 100 levels will keep me busy.if it doesnt work on ur phone at least say what phone that is...

M701 haipad tablet game runs but has slight graphical glitches, sometimes has flicker and animation stutter
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