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Laser Logic 3D


Laser Logic 3D logo
Software name: Laser Logic 3D
Version: 1.4.1
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 9.3M
Required android version: 2.0.1 and up
Rating: 4.1 (346 votes)


Laser Logic 3D #1 Laser Logic 3D #2


Laser Logic 3D - hours of addictive fun and excruciating excitement!

Welcome to Laser Logic 3D - a mind blowing puzzle & logic game, where nothing is straightforward.

Your mission: Destroy all the light boxes with your laser beam. It sounds simple but be warned! The beam cant just go in a straight line. You need to deflect it off various mirrors before hitting your target. This is guaranteed to zap more than a few brain cells!

Youve got 40 unique levels that range from easy to hard, then on to confusing, frustrating, and eventually madness!

This stunning high definition (HD) game is completely free and also looks great on a tablet. It includes an introductory tutorial, 40 brain-teasing stages (with more to come) and the original title song from Ben.

Laser Logic 3D is hours of addictive fun and excruciating excitement!

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Keywords: puzzle, logic, 3d, brain, hd, laser, mirror, game, reflect, reflection, refractions

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. Version 1.4.1 :
  2. Fixed bug: game freeze when trying to move pillar with mirror on top

Reviews of Laser Logic 3D

Nicely challenging with a steady increase in complexity. Having used all hints on level 33, twice, struggling to believe there is a solution.

Best 3d puzzle game Ive played on Android.

Ok...good game,',d 3d part gets on 2 ur head sometimes...

Excellent game. Just wish you could exit properly.

Very entertaining, excellent try on a puzzle game

Great game

Not a bad game, but lacking an anchor point/axis control the 3D view is extremely difficult to navigate. Really gets in the way of game play.

Big t. Banner add blocks playing field. According to hints level 25 cannot be solved due to missing second pillar. Kinda sucks you cant proceed around levels without solving the one before, cant play on till level 25 is corrected. Mark the hexagons that the boxes hover over would help with disorientation. Otherwise fantastic game!!!!!!

Fun and creative game.

I have yet only played a few levels, and looks challenging. The only caveat is that its difficult to exactly assess the location of the boxes.

Control are a little unwieldy, and an ad blocks part of the screens otherwise an ok game

Enjoying it so far, as stated in another review the camera controls need a bit of work but thats it

Fun game. Played the first 10 levels. The camera controls need some work, and the banner ad covers some of the game up.

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