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Astro Jump


Astro Jump logo
Software name: Astro Jump
Version: 1.0.2
Author: Magma Mobile
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 5.7M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Rating: 4.2 (1,817 votes)


Astro Jump #1 Astro Jump #2 Astro Jump #3 Astro Jump #4 Astro Jump #5


Jump through the world with Astro Jump

Astro Jump is an epic jumping game in which you will have to help Astro Jump travel from the center of the Earth all the way to far reaching galaxies by collecting bolts and stars.

As you will travel through the different stages, you will encounter breath taking designs and the different bonus items found along the way will let discover more stunning levels. Be careful of the various maluses you might encounter as they will slow down your overall progression.

As the game progresses, you will have to accomplish various missions by reaching various objectives set along the way. Your accomplishments will be rewarded with medals and magmas. The more you collect Magmas (the game currency) the more you will be able to buy awesome bonuses in the Astro Jump shop, which will help you go even further into the game !

If you like Mega Jump, NinJump, Hype Jump, Doodle Jump or Froggy Jump, you will soon be addicted to Astro Jump. We hope you will love the gorgeous graphics as much as the addictive gameplay.

APP2SD , Scoreloop

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We will add more mission and new bonuses in upcoming updates.

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. V1.0.2
  2. Reduced Apk size
  3. Added directions for beginners
  4. Fixed force close bug
  5. Minor bug fixes
  6. V1.0.1
  7. Translated into french / Traduction en Francais
  8. Bug fixes

Reviews of Astro Jump

Its kinda fun & addictin...


Really fun, make levels to go certain heights.

Its addictive

Frighteningly addictive! Luv it!!!!

Like it love it

Force closes randomly every now and then, and is a bit laggy. Still fun though


its Really fun, but slow and glitches sometimes, also. I found a way to get unlimited coins

Its cool about of how it looks and the things you use. Can you make a better game to more fun.

I played it and i loved it but im still trying to get good equipment

This game is alot of fun!

Great game but kinda easy. Passed it already so u need more power ups and objectives. Fun tho.

Dreadful game, in fact is go so far as saying its the worst game Ive ever played.

Super fun and could be a bit addicting!!! Overall good game!!

Gameplay is slow & choppy, Graphics look old/outdated - seems like it could be better if the developers actually put some time & energy into it.

This game is really great and addicting. I like it a lot.

Look Wendy I can fly.

Really fun game and very addictive.

Great game u will love it

Cool game

Awesome game

its a gr8 game but ltd 2 a few missions then when they r completed all u can do is beat ur high score which gets a bit boring when theres nothing 2

Love it: -) awsome but does force close every 2to 3 games rather then that love it: -)

Its cool!!!

Not the best game

I love this game!!! Its amazing!!

Fun game....

This is an awesme game

I like atrocities jump.
Arcade & Action
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