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Meteor Blitz


Meteor Blitz logo
Software name: Meteor Blitz
Version: 1.11
Author: Alley Labs
Free (not paid): No
Distributive size: 16M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Rating: 4.3 (646 votes)


Meteor Blitz #1 Meteor Blitz #2


The highest rated space shooter ever, now available on Android.

The highest rated space shooter ever.

"Meteor Blitz is one of the highest quality space shooters...highly recommended"
- Touch Arcade

"Meteor Blitz is the complete package in every way. Gorgeous visuals, skill-based shooting, perfect controls... look no further."
- Slide To Play

Installs to SD!

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. Gingerbread and tablet (e.g. Motorola Xoom) support!
  2. Fixed a crash bug when sliding open hardware keyboard.

Reviews of Meteor Blitz

Very good on motorola ATRIX, thanks

Very good on xperia play. Could we have support for the xperia plays touchpad please... Then it will be just like super stardust on PS3!

Good, mindless, frenetic yet silky-smooth blaster.

Cant get enough. Controls and game are just so smooth and responsive. One of the best android games Ive played.

Excellent game. Have a prob trying to close the apple tho. There is no exit button & the back key just loops to the main menu. Can you fix it please.

Its good, but i think there are some bugs in it, for example when u press back button on the main menu it will be directed to new game option

Fun game but doesnt seem to be challenging enough. Was able to beat arcade easily and survival wasnt frantic enough for me.

This is a much better game than the garden variety Market games. Best so far that I have installed. Will look for more Alley Labs games.

Quite possibly the best game available on Android! Great performance, graphics, support, and addicting gameplay. A must have.

Awesome game on OG droid! Tablet graphics still need to be optimized for Tab 10.1

Better than my itunes version. This was always my favorite game. Graphics look even better.

Great graphics, but the gameplay is repetive and unchallenging. Special powers are also more trouble to use than theyre worth

Game keeps glitching and screen goes blank. When it works again, game is glitched and no meteors. When I exit and come back in, all my monies are gone

Im pretty picky about the games I play, this has been by far the best.

Unplayable for me, controls are just too sensitive! Where is that promised fix? Its been months!!!

Neat game but it keeps uninstalling itself on my Vibrant. Its really annoying having to redownload every day.

Works great on Dell Streak. I love games like Maelstrom, Super R-Type and Raiden. Gameplay silky smooth, did go to pause screen sometimes randomly.

doesnt work on honeycomb

Please update for honeycomb! Game is awesome on a phone but would be at another level on a tablet

Have been playing a little on my Droid Incredible HTC, and the game runs great. Controls are a bit of a learning curve, but its fun.

Geometry wars meets Gundam, absolute beast!!! If your a fan of the afore mentioned games this is a must have!

Awesome game but the lag increased last update and Im sure Im not the only one to hit the bomb or weapon switch on accident. Dev updates freq. :) gj

Best driod game ive played so far! Feels like Im piloting a gundam from trailblazers... But i need more!!! More updates! More upgrades!

Its intense and fluid, but begs for more weapons and game modes. Its falling short of its potential.

This game runs so smooth its crazy, live how the auto pause works (if you have no fingers on screen itll pause) top 5 games. Vibrant!

Best game on Android. I just wish my Droids buggy touchscreen could keep up. Much better on friends N1.

Awesome game. Just like Super Stardust HD on the PS3. Sometimes controls get a little buggy, overall game is fantastic.

Fast and furious space shooter with beautiful graphics. Great controls! More than worth the price! Love the save system. Smooth as silk on G2

I must say it is a bargin you have to get it if you like these sort of games its like geometry wars on xbox its a must have and I cant stop playing.

constantly freezing and never saves game data. the freezing makes it pretty much unplayable. please fix. galaxy tab
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