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Radio Ball 3D


Radio Ball 3D logo
Software name: Radio Ball 3D
Version: 1.5.5
Author: Gamesoul Studio
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 2.7M
Required android version: 2.1 and up
Rating: 4.4 (1,832 votes)


Radio Ball 3D #1 Radio Ball 3D #2 Radio Ball 3D #3 Radio Ball 3D #4 Radio Ball 3D #5 Radio Ball 3D #6 Radio Ball 3D #7 Radio Ball 3D #8


A fun, radioactive, fast-paced, accelerometer driven 3D game.

Radio Ball 3D! The accelerometer controlled tunnel game. A uranium ball driven by radioactive waste rushes through the tunnel. Can you reach the end?
Go as far as you can, collect power-ups, do combos, avoid or destroy obstacles. Get your score as high as possible and keep rollin.
Play and compete with other players through Scoreloop.

Full version with ads by Greystripe (with option to remove ads for free)

- Combos
- Tilt control
- Smooth 3D graphics
- Dynamic, stunt-flavored gameplay
- Achievements, high scores and challenges (Scoreloop)
- Upgrades

"Radio Ball 3D is likely to keep you entertained for many weeks to come" -

"Overall, Radio Ball is extremely addictive and may well ratchet up your heartbeats per minute" -

"If you like SpeedX 3D or Vaccum then you will enjoy Radio Ball 3D as well" -

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If you experience graphics glitches or crashes try Safe Mode option.

Permissions details:

- Upload and download scores and challenges (Scoreloop).
- Communication with ad server (Greystripe).

- Getting a unique id (Greystripe and Scoreloop). No personal information is stored.

- Check whether a WiFi or data connection is available.

- Game upgrades (Tapjoy)

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. Promotion - UPGRADES for limited time!
  2. Ads Removal 29 Credits (was 99 Credits)
  3. Extra HP 19 Credits (was 49 Credits)
  4. Extra Power 19 Credits (was 49 Credits)
  5. Bug fixes
  6. Greystripe update
  7. Scoreloop update
  8. Tapjoy update (Now you can also watch video to receive Credits for game upgrades)

Reviews of Radio Ball 3D

Great game but BEWARE. They make you download apps to advance + some of those apps send spam photos + videos to your phone... FOREVER!

this is my favorite game. play it all the time

Bought this app and now paid app no longer available and have to deal with this crap!!! Shady dude. Very shady!!!


Is a great game but the ads take over every time you loose and it mess up my phone....Had to remove it


Nice app, but had to download another app to get rid of the annoying ads after each game played.


They can fix the ad issue. Ads show up sometimes and are black. Cant close and have to force close 1in5 games. DROID X

Good game .. but the ads are super annoing

Amazing love ad removal!

A really good time waster and fun to play

Its a simple game with great graphics.

Game got extremely boring. Contains the worlds worst ads every time you die. Cant exit out of them.

Fking epic like speedx

Dont install waste of space and you cant uninstall this game!!!!! It has the option but the game wont uninstall once you select. NZ

Totally ruined by ads.

Im impressed. Without the ads, this game is one of the best I have found that works with the Samsung Replenish

After I filled out a couple upgrade adds and got rid of the advertisments it rocks! LOVE IT!!!


This is a fun game

Sensation in safe mode and it still crashed the phone read shut it down a bit after freezing. Love the sound though.

Everyone should play. Challenge mode is awesome but needs more players. Btw, you can get rid of the ads for free! Click upgrade in the gameformoreinfo

If ya like tunnel games you will like this!

Hear me!! Your ads suck. I have to kill your app just to play another game.

Cool game

Games good but when I press x in corner of ads it stays on a black screen with ads by greystripe at the bottom having to restart game to play again

I love this game but if you get too cheat this game blows i will hate too see this game go down hill because this game rules thank you for your time.

This game is awesome

HTC sensation. Requires safe mode or else it will cause a severe graphical problem that persists even after you exit out of the game until you rebo
Arcade & Action
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