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Art of War 2 Lite


Art of War 2 Lite logo
Software name: Art of War 2 Lite
Version: 1.12.15
Author: HeroCraft Ltd
Free (not paid): Yes
Distributive size: 2.6M
Required android version: 1.5 and up
Rating: 3.9 (910 votes)


Art of War 2 Lite #1 Art of War 2 Lite #2 Art of War 2 Lite #3 Art of War 2 Lite #4 Art of War 2 Lite #5 Art of War 2 Lite #6


“Art of War 2: Global Confederation” – get your own pocket army.

Real time strategy “Art of War 2: Global Confederation” is a combination of dynamic gameplay and tactical depths. This game focuses your attention on nothing but battle action and military base construction. There is no need to mine recourses as they are now gained automatically. You can lead an army in campaign mode or play in individual scenarios. Additional maps can also be downloaded from our servers.
In campaign mode you must complete 7 missions in different locations from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes Mountains defeating the rebellion of resistance forces in Peru.
“Art of War 2” captivates you with a great variety of units and structures. All of them have unique parameters and upgrades.
“Art of War 2: Global Confederation” – get your own pocket army.

Recent changes

Whats in this version:

  1. Problem with lite versions work on the devices below OS 2.1 solved.

Reviews of Art of War 2 Lite

Great idea and looks fun but doesnt work right on the Nook Color

Everything about it, its redicules

Omg good

So cool

We need more games like this. Control multiple batalion units to defend your command center as well as lead them to assault the enemys center. Lots of depth to the gameplay,strategy, and nice visuals. Anyone have recomendations to other games like this?



Unfortunately, the game suffers from unresponsive touch commands. No multiple unit selection I could find.

Boring, hard to control, need better story

Woohoo nice game!! Controls could be friendlier but so far so good


Lumayan, kontrol kurang, musiknya membosankan. Andaikata bisa kyk Red Alert pasti keren. Ok di garminasus A10.

Great good ok, but I need plug a mouse that easy, touch game very hard, not good then removed

If I could plug a mouse in this would be fine, but the levels are too hard for clumsy touch controls.

Are you kidding? This is why Apple has an approval process. Now I will never think to buy this game.

Worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be AWESOME if u let us save the game. You have to start over every time you exit.

Way too hard, confusing interface that was not designed with touch screens in mind. Shame, has potential.

Unplayable, uses inconsistent interface. Doesnt use menu or back buttons at all. On screen buttons sometimes dont work (like when placing structur

It sucks i played it once then when went to play it again it said to get the full versoin or press play wich i did i showed me a aventisement wont pla

Has potential, but UI needs serious work. Dialogue boxes too small, and u dont get a chance to practice advice before your hit with more dialogues.

Addictive,big potential but cant select multiple units,hence 2 stars, cant gather an army to win the game without that feature.would buy otherwise.

Really good be nice though if it would let me save on the demo cause when I try to save and then go back the next day it wont let me in to it

stupid game. controls r too small. music is annoying. no other sfx. id never even consider buying it. org droid

This is not a demo, its an ad. Once you open the app, there is a popup telling you to buy it with no way to close it or play-Dont waste your time.

Really bad controls, cannot select multiple units. Graphics poor! Uninstall Galaxy S

It could be a stunning game looks like red alert but the controls are hopeless what a waste! I didnt get how to select multi units this bug put me off

This game still needs a little more work with selecting multiple units but overall its better than most of the chicken scratch games that Ive seen.

Im a big time RTS fan and this game feels too basic. Dev, take some tips from games like StarCraft, C&C, etc. Controls arent fluid, FPS is low.

Would be good, but bad controls, ads block minimap, is a demo with only 10 minutes... Uninstalled.
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